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Season 2019/2020 starts with the BOTTO!

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Loot almost full on the first double Molotov outing!

On the first day of the Italian Championship on Campo Grande the Floorball Club Milano conquers 5 points on 6 e, despite some inaccuracies, he can be satisfied with his first performances.

Saturday, in the away-from-home match against UHC Varese, the rossoblu have a bad start, conceding three goals to the opponents in the first period. Sul 0-3 but the new Molotov team does not give up, which sees interesting grafts between rookies and elements from the club friend of the SHC Firelions Serenissima.
The goals finally begin to enter, albeit with still some problems in the defensive management.

The new partial becomes 2-5. At this point we could be considered lost, but in goal Pierazzo closes the shutter and goal after goal our grab the equalizer.
Infine, in accordance with the brand new regular season overtime rule (an extra 10 minute golden goal, plus any penalties), the rossoblu scored the winning goal in an excited attack, that gives well 2 of 3 points up for grabs (the other goes to the defeated team in this extra period).

Poetry is the final action that sees the assist of the new Captain “rosa”, Marta Latini, to the legendary outgoing Captain of the last few seasons, Fabrizio Oldrini.

In Sunday's home super-derby the Molotovs try to repeat and improve this first result, in one of the most heartfelt matches of the season.

Spartak Milan opponents start strong, they press a lot, but ours keep, turning on all three lines available to coach Beccarini, with Corti in goal very good at defusing many dangerous shots.
But when a first opponent goal arrives, the tones light up, and the first penalties also begin to fall on both sides, including 10 minutes for the biancoblu flag, Mattia Cucchetto.
In a 4Vs.4 our team draws, and on a powerplay after a few minutes they double, thanks to Marinello and Oldrini.
When at 46 ° the Molotovs score the 3-1, again with Oldrini, the game might seem almost guaranteed.
But Spartak does not give up, attacks by insisting on several occasions, and first shortens to 5 minutes from the end, and then draws 4 minutes from the end.

Other additional ones seem to be looming on the horizon, I love Alex Kuusk #71, just one minute from the end, initials the 4-3 which gives the advantage to FCM.
60heart-pounding seconds, and then the sky is red and blue above Milan, at least until the return match. Honor of their opponents arms, mai domi, in this very hard-fought game, beautiful and fast-paced.

But as always, Go Molotov Go!

The new kit provides the right boost to our girls,,it,Great results for the Floorball Club Milano in pink,,it,beauty,,fr,brave Bombshells,,en,This weekend just spent the girls take home,,it,points,,it,and above all win,,it!

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Grandi risultati per il Floorball Club Milano in rosa, le belle&brave Bombshells!

In questo week-end appena trascorso le ragazze portano a casa 6 punti in 3 match, e soprattutto conquistano – double in comparison with the historical rival to the Scudetto,,it,Floorball L'Aquila,,it,the best goal difference of direct confrontation,,it,In the game against SHC Firelions Serenissima our athletes won with a net,,it,result in savings,,it,designed to capture the energy to double b,,it,ig match,,en,Woman playing Martina Romano,,it,who scored his first hat-trick,,it,the triplet,,it,The forward evening match against L'Aquila is a match tiratissimo,,it,ending,,it,where Manco luck,,it,but not the value,,it,Resounding the final pole,,it,after a good round ball,,it,with blank door,,it,The return on Sunday instead sees,,it,if possible,,it,even more emotions,,it,The Bombshells impose themselves in the first fraction,,it,and reach the,,it,The opponents do not give up,,it,and shorten up to,,it,But the final determination sees the,,it,end of our,,it,really deserved,,it, il Floorball L’Aquila – la migliore differenza reti dello scontro diretto.

Nella partita contro SHC Firelions Serenissima le nostre atlete vincono con un netto 5-1, risultato al risparmio, volto a tenere le energie per il doppio big match.
Donna partita Martina Romano, che segna il suo primo Hat-trick (la tripletta).

La partita serale di andata contro L’Aquila è un match tiratissimo, che termina 1-2, in cui mancó la fortuna, ma non il valore. (Clamoroso il palo finale a 30 seconds remaining, dopo un buon giro palla in 4 Vs. 3 con porta vuota).

Il ritorno della domenica invece vede, se possibile, ancora più emozioni.
Le Bombshells si impongono nella prima frazione, e raggiungono il 5-0. Le avversarie non mollano, e accorciano fino a 5-4.
Ma la grinta finale vede il 6-4 finale delle nostre, davvero meritato.

Really good performance on the field,,it,both by the veterans,,it,Martina Romano and,,it,rediscovery,,it,Martina La Vista,,it,that the new grafts,,it,Manuela Caracciolo,,it,and the,,it,bomber,,en,Caroline Jessica,,en,All this is topped by excellent saves from Victoria Brannebo,,it,Championship therefore still very open,,it,and eyes on the Paduan away in March,,it,Go Bombshells Go,,en,PS,,en,Merit for the designer Note,,it,and Captain of the Bombshells,,it,who designed and built the new uniforms of the athletes FCM,,it, sia da parte delle veterane (Luisa Battezzati, Marta Latini, Caroline Jonsson, Martina Romano e la “riscoperta” Martina La Vista), che dei nuovi innesti (Manuela Caracciolo, Valentina Sofia, e la “bomber” Caroline Jessica).
Il tutto condito dalle ottime parate di Victoria Brannebo.

Campionato quindi ancora molto aperto, e occhi puntati sulla trasferta padovana di marzo.

Go Bombshells Go!!!

Nota di merito per la stilista, nonché Capitano delle Bombshells, Caroline Jonsson, che ha disegnato e realizzato le nuove divise delle atlete FCM.


The debut in the Italian Cup is not bad,,it,& Nbsp; After the misstep of Campo Grande,,it,two defeats against the finalist championship the previous season,,it,here is that the Floorball Club Milano comes out undefeated from the first day of Cup,,it…

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After the misstep of Campo Grande,,it,here is that the Floorball Club Milano comes out undefeated from the first day of the Italian Cup,,it,which takes place in the Campo Grande formula / times from Campo Small,,it,× 20 not actual,,it,First a hard-fought match against UHC Wild Boars Varese,,it,The rossoblu,,it,in front of the whole game,,it,guilty of the,,it,ngenuitá and give a penalty on,,it,The game ends,,it,Markings Palermo,,it,Oldrini e Spruce,,et,Following the,,it,big match,,en,ie the derby against Spartak Floorball Milano,,it,First goal in solitary for Rambaldi,,it,We need to follow for Chylek,,it,confirming itself in great form on his birthday,,it,responds Brambilla,,it,but it is the only marking of opponents,,it,They go in fact still on target for the Molotov Brenno Leone and Captain Oldrini,,it (due sconfitte contro le finaliste scudetto della stagione precedente), ecco che il Floorball Club Milano esce invitto dalla prima giornata di Coppa Italia, che si disputa nella formula Campo Grande/tempi da Campo Piccolo (2×20 non effettivi).

Per primo un match molto combattuto contro l’UHC Wild Boars Varese. I rossoblu, davanti tutta la partita, peccano di ingenuitá e regalano un rigore sul 4-3, a 20 secondi dal termine. La partita finisce 4-4. Marcature di Palermo, Rambaldi, Oldrini e Kuusk.

A seguire il “big match”, ovvero il derby contro lo Spartak Floorball Milano. Primo gol in solitaria per Rambaldi, che a seguire serve Chylek per il 2-0, confermandosi in gran forma nel giorno del suo compleanno.
Risponde Brambilla, ma è l’unica marcatura degli avversari. Vanno infatti ancora a segno per i Molotov Brenno Leone e Capitan Oldrini, while Pivato defended to the end the Rossoblu cage,,it,the end result of the derby,,it,accomplice goal difference,,it,first place for our kids,,it,and girls,,it,in the ranking of the girone lombardo of Italian Cup,,it,Awaiting the derby of Small Field next Sunday,,it,now and forever,,it,The debut in the Italian Cup is not bad ..,,it.

4-1 il risultato finale del derby e, complice la differenza reti, prima posizione per i nostri ragazzi (e ragazze) nella classifica del girone lombardo di Coppa Italia.

In attesa del derby su Campo Piccolo di domenica prossima, ora e per sempre…

Go Molotovs Go!

Our boys convince,,it,and eventually win,,it,also started the season in Campo Grande with a double home match,,it,In the first of Saturday's game,,it,against strong opponents of Gargazon / Sterzing,,it,our kids go below,,it…. e alla fine vincono!!

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E’ iniziato anche il campionato a Campo Grande con un doppio match casalingo.

Nella prima partita del sabato, contro i forti avversari del Gargazon/Vipiteno, i nostri ragazzi vanno sotto di 4 goal.
However the result is a liar because the team has at least expressed a good game and in fact manage to recover in the third period,,it,touching the draw a few seconds left,,it,Much good performance,,it,his luck,,it,and burns,,pl,lit match,,it,physical and fast,,it,In the Estonian goal back Kuusk and Captain Alex Oldroyd,,it,Sorry for the game that you could also take home,,it,but a beginning high level anyway,,it,On Sunday comes the first "historic" victory of the season for RossoBlu that are imposed,,it,on Diamond Bolzano,,it,opponent never beaten until now,,it,The Molotov onto the pitch determined to get a result,,it,strong the excellent performance of the previous day against Sterzing,,it 3, sfiorando il pareggio a pochi secondi dalla fine.

Gran bella prestazione, tanta sfortuna (3 i pali), partita accesa, fisica e veloce. In gol il rientro estone Alex Kuusk e Capitan Oldrini.

Spiace per la partita che si poteva anche portare a casa, ma un inizio comunque di alto livello.


Domenica invece arriva la prima “storica” vittoria stagionale per i RossoBlu che si impongono 5-3 sul Diamante Bolzano, avversario mai battuto fino ad ora.

I Molotov entrano in campo determinati a fare risultato, forti dell’ottima prestazione del giorno precedente contro Sterzing.

The RossoBlu control the game for the first few minutes but go under thanks to a goal on the power play Diamond,,it,But Milan continued to grind the game and goals from actions,,it,so,,it,after a 'good team move,,it,which starts from a super block by Corti and finalized over the network from Chylek,,it,the result is again equal,,it,Three minutes after the first period Oldrini captain to lead with Molotov with a penalty goal,,it,The second period is unsuitable for the faint hearted,,it,The Molotov come out unscathed by four box play one of which played in numerical disadvantage,,it,But RossBlu not only defend well,,it,but they do also hurt in the attack scoring two goals with Brambilla and Oldrini,,it,End of second period,,it. Milano però continua a macinare gioco e azioni da gol, così, dopo un’ ottima azione corale, che parte da una super parata di Corti e finalizzata in rete da Chylek, il risultato è di nuovo in parità. A tre minuti dallo scadere del primo periodo è capitan Oldrini a portare in vantaggio i Molotov con un gol su rigore.

Il secondo periodo è inadatto ai deboli di cuore. I Molotov escono indenni da quattro box play di cui uno giocato in svantaggio numerico di 3 against 5. Ma i RossBlu non solo difendono bene, ma sanno fare anche male in attacco segnando due gol con Brambilla e Oldrini.
Fine secondo periodo 4-1 per Milano.

The last and decisive period is played at high intensity by both teams,,it,Bolzano is the goal at half time but after Rambaldi,,it,minute restores the advantage,,it,Four minutes from the end Bolzano marks a penalty and reduced the deficit,,it,but it is the last time you can beat the number,,it,Red Blue,,it,Milan win the big game thanks to a "super" performance that reflects the character of the coach Coduto,,it,This victory will be worth even more if our boys and our girls will be able to give continuity to the game and the commitment expressed in the weekly workout,,it,Our guys are excellent ...,,it. Bolzano trova il gol a metà periodo ma Rambaldi dopo 1 minuto ristabilisce il vantaggio, 5-2 per i Molotov. A quattro minuti dal termine Bolzano segna un rigore e accorcia le distanze, ma è l’ultima volta che riesce a battere il numero 40 RossoBlu.

F.C. Milano vince una partita importante grazie ad una prestazione “super” che rispecchia il carattere del coach Coduto.
Questa vittoria varrà ancora di più se i nostri ragazzi e le nostre ragazze riusciranno a dare continuità al gioco espresso e all’impegno settimanale in allenamento.


The Championship starts big,,it,Finally here we are,,it,the new season of F.C,,it,Milan started,,it,October was held the first day of the Italian Championship in Campo Small round Lombardia Cheh engaged seen four teams in our society,,it,Fireworks e Bullets,,en,Under14,,en,The Rockets have esoridito in the league against the Italian champions UHC Varese,,it,Despite a great performance of our boys and girls we will have to surrender to the strength and experience of opponents,,it,The other two teams instead competed in the first super derby at home F.C,,it,Milan between Molotov and Fireworks, which ends with a victory for the more experienced RossoBlu,,it,I Fireworks,,en,team debut in the Championship in Campo Small,,it!

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Finalmente ci siamo, la nuova stagione sportiva di F.C. Milano è iniziata!

Sunday 15 ottobre si è tenuta la prima giornata del Campionato Italiano a Campo Piccolo girone Lombardia cheha visto impegnate ben quattro squadre della nostra società: Molotov, Rockets,en, Fireworks e Bullets(Under14)

I Rockets hanno esoridito in campionato contro i campioni d’Italia di UHC Varese. Nonostante una grande prestazione i nostri ragazzi e ragazze si devono arrendere alla forza e all’esperienza degli avversari.

Le altre due squadre invece si sono sfidate in un primo super derby in casa F.C. Milano tra Molotov e Fireworks che finisce con una vittoria per i più esperti RossoBlu. I Fireworks, squadra esordiente nel Campionato a Campo Piccolo, it takes commitment and the will but the difference with the "veterans" is felt,,it,In the second match of the day the Rockets reach the draw against GEAS sixth leading,,it,less than a minute left,,it,The "rockets" RossoBlu do not give up and scoring,,it,goals in quick succession,,it,that of the definitive,,it,seconds of the siren,,it,winning their first point of the season,,it,The real challenge of the day was, however, the scene soon after,,it,after the first Milan team of Molotov had to face the reigning champions UHC Varese,,it,The first period concludes with the partial,,it,for the team Varese,,it,a result that does not show a good game and had numerous occasions by Molotov,,it,The second period was a different story,,it.

Nella seconda partita di giornata i Rockets raggiungono il pareggio contro GEAS Sesto che conduceva 3-0 a meno di un minuto dalla fine. I “razzi” RossoBlu non si arrendono e segnando 3 gol in rapida successione, quello del definitivo 3-3 a 0,7 secondi dalla sirena, conquistando il loro primo punto della stagione.

La vera sfida di giornata è andata però in scena subito dopo, dopo la prima squadra milanese dei Molotov ha dovuto affrontare i campioni in carica di UHC Varese. Il primo periodo si conclude con il parziale di 0-3 per la compagine varesina, risultato che non evidenzia il buon gioco e le numerose occasioni avute dai Molotov. Il secondo periodo è un’altra storia, the RossoBlu continue to grind the game and this time they throw even inside,,it,marking,,it,goals and conceding zero,,it,Final result Molotov,,it,Varese,,it,One can therefore say that the first day was not bad at all,,it,full score for the first team of Molotov,,it,a point after an incredible comeback for the Rockets and the debut of the new team of Fireworks,,it,Now we have to continue on this path,,it,GO ROCKETS,,en,GO FIREWORKS,,en, segnando 6 gol e subendone zero. Risultato finale Molotov 6 Varese 3.

Si può dire che dunque la prima giornata non è andata affatto male: punteggio pieno per la prima squadra dei Molotov, un punto dopo una incredibile rimonta per i Rockets e il debutto della nuova compagine dei Fireworks

Ora non resta che continuare su questa strada!



The championships have finally started,it!

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dsc_0119FC Milan already in the top group in Lombardia, after the first day of the Italian Championship of Campo Small.

Sunday 23 October debuted all teams of the club: The "pro" of Molotov team, the "farm team" Rockets, and the very young Bullets.

In the first game Molotov cross slats with an increasingly mature GEAS Sesto,it, which replies blow for blow to the Rossoblu guys goals, and losing ground only in the last minutes. Final results, 6-4 for our after the match.

Simultaneously the Rockets start immediately with a tough match, addressing the expert team UHC Varese, that last year he marched by a whisker the first place in the group to Molotov.
Lot of fighting spirit is not enough for our to bring home the game, and the high technical rate of opponents is felt leading to the defeat with a few goals too than forecast. Nini for the goal of the flag.

End of the day then comes the derbyssimo, with Molotov and Rockets that clash. The finish is granted, but both teams are fighting with such determination. Note on Accursio Graffeo, taking home his first official marking.

Finished senior moment, here come in off the Under14. Our Bullets, following in the footsteps of the great, win the miniderby against Spartak with a goal lead in a thrilling match. After the race the scoreboard reads 5-4 in favor of FC Milan.
In the difficult challenge against the boars of Varese instead it is paid more attacking experience. 6-9 the final result, but still a great improvement over the results of last season.

In the championship season debut in Campo Grande, took place on Sunday 30 ottobre, F.C. Milan faced SHC Firelions Serenissima.

The RossoBlu boys begin the game in suffering, failing to counter the organized attacks of the opposing team and after only 28 second pass at a disadvantage.

The Molotov try to react but they can not find the right key to defend and share with order and thus suffered the second goal ending the first quarter with a double disadvantage.

At the beginning of the second period Milan could close the gap during the first Power Play of the game, but from a ball the defense of the Serenissima born unlucky own goal leading opponents on 3-0.

At this point Molotov awaken remembering to be a combative team and dies hard. With a good round ball close their opponents in their own half and Rambaldi assists, Brambilla scored from a tight angle reduces the deficit.

I insist RossoBlu , they can defend themselves more effectively, and a great Corti in goal avoids different markings on the break opponents. Rambaldi, instead, He sees the hole and scored the second goal leading the team to only one goal deficit.

In seeking the equalizer F.C. Milan is exposed to counter attacks on opponents and end of the period undergoes the fourth goal.

At the beginning of the third and final period, The Rossoblu are now the goal on a free kick leading to goals Cucchetto, 4-3 and reopened the match.

The period lives down to the wire, both teams created several scoring, but bad luck or skill of the goalkeeper leave the result unchanged. Only a great goal from the opposing captain backhand breaks the balance bringing the Serenissima 5-3, a result that will not change until the end of the game.

F.C. Milan defeat comes at an early period played subdued, not just the belated reaction to achieve a positive result.

The boys and girls RossoBlu, led by coach Coduto, They will surely react to this negative result and demonstrate their value in the next commitments of the season!


A win and a defeat in the first day of the Italian Cup

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The team of FC Milan Molotov

F.C. Milan ended with 3 points the first seasonal effort.

In the first day of qualifying for the Italian Cup 2017 tenutasi domenica a Milano, Molotov they won, comeback, the first Milan derby against Spartak. The Rossoblu are below 2 gol ma con coraggio e caparbietà, first easily reduced with a nice shot of Simonetta, then thanks to two goals from Coduto tie and lead on the final result of 3-2.

In the second game against Varese U.H.C, the struggle to Molotv curb attacks opponents, and are trailing by 2 goal. For a handful of minutes from the end Rambaldi reopens the match with a precise shot. At this point the RossoBlu believe and try in every way to grab a draw, but the time available is too little and the game ends on 2-1 for the team of Varese.

F.C. Milano will play the qualifying for the finals of the Italian Cup in the day back, nothing is lost…



Milano Molotov!

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Welcome to the official Floorball Club Milano Molotov website!

Benvenuti nel sito ufficiale del Floorball Club Milano Molotov.

Queste pagine descrivono la storia, la vita e le attività del Floorball Club Milano e dei suoi giocatori e giocatrici, ma troverete anche informazioni utili sul floorball a livello nazionale ed internazionale.