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Capitoline away with 3 points and bad taste in the mouth

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F.C. Milan falls away from the capital with 3 points and very bitter taste.

In Saturday's game, against Viking Roma, The Rossoblu have to fight against some tough competition and against misfortune. After a few minutes from’ start of the match, the Milanese Simonetta central fort is injured forcing coach Ficara to adopt a different gameplan.
In the first period, however, they are the 8 minutes played in box play to make a difference (at the end of the game will be in total 18). Roma takes advantage of the numerical superiority by scoring 3 of 4 goal
which close the first portion of the game on the result of 4-1 for the home team.

The Molotov But do not give up, They know they are stronger than the adverse events and prove it in the second period with goals by first Bertolino and usually Palermo closing the partial 2-1.

The third period begins on 5-3 per i Viking. The Rossoblu are a rage, and after a minute even shorter distances with his hat-trick in Palermo. F.C. Milan sticks to exposing head to opponent off guard but a great Corti in goal and an effective defensive performance not allow Roma to score. The Molotov in more than one’ at the opportunity to get even but the stakes and the referees say no, the goal of 5-5 Feist is canceled to give a penalty in favor of Molotov themselves, Decision leaves aghast following players.

At the final whistle the scoreboard says 5-4 (4-1, 1-2, 0-1)per i Viking, the camp responds with a performance of pride and courage of the Rossoblu that the same men in the field has proved to be superior to the team Capitoline.

In the second game of the weekend Molotov meet the young team of Ciampino.

F.C. Milan has to deal again with the problem of power plants: Palermo injured at the end of Saturday's game can not run, Simonetta gritting his teeth is in the field despite a sore ankle.

A surprise, after only 2 minutes of the game is the Ciampino to take the lead. F.C. Milan reacts to scoring but in the field is cluttered and unable to create clear scoring chances. The draw comes thanks to a goal in power play a great Palermo, despite being unable to run around and be deployed stop in front of goal, does not lose the vice of goals.

In the second period the Molotov playing with greater peace and organizing themselves ahead 3-1 with the first goal of the season and the usual Ambrosio punticino Rambaldi.

The third period is a whirlwind of emotions.
After a game of time in total control early by RossoBlu, a simple mistake when setting leads to the Ciampino goals. The Lazio team in just a minute, driven by the enthusiasm of the goals and luck that deviates in Milan he brings an innocuous opponent passage, grab a draw. The Molotov realize that he had thrown away the good things done in the second period and immediately try to set ahead. But after 5 minutes, a double penalty, at least questionable, brings RossoBlu having to defend the result in 3 against 5, Ciampino takes full advantage of the numerical superiority and goes to 4-3.
F.C. Milano is on the brink of the abyss, if he loses will have to say goodbye to the possibility of reaching the playoffs…
But Molotov die hard and start again with determination to play to win.
A 5 minutes remaining Simonetta pulls the rabbit out of the hat and a magic puts the ball in the intersection, assisted by Rambaldi. 4-4.
The draw is not enough Milano continues to attack. Rambaldi close to scoring the lead after returning from the penalty box; Bertolino and Oldrini run like there's no tomorrow; capitan Coduto, Feist and the young Mita picket defense; Short pulls down the shutters; Ambrosio, what, Makram and Di Martino alternate in the field to keep frantically; Palermo forced to stay on the bench it looks like a caged tiger.
The final minutes are concitatissimi, Ciampino defends the result with my nails and teeth and allows Molotov to play a power play…the numerical superiority is not exploited to 6 seconds from the end of the penalty when Ficara ago just in time to enter the field that takes a pass on three-quarters. Without thinking he pulls toward the door and the ball passing through a forest of legs slips into port. 4-5 and final victory.

F.C. Milan comes home with 3 points and two performance, maybe not beautiful, but certainly full of pride and determination, features that until now were not yet emerged so strongly.
The dream is still alive playoffs and this team still has a great desire to dream.