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I Molotov conquistano i play-off

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Mancavano da un paio di mesi gli aggiornamenti relativi ai movimenti dei Molotov.

Il fatto è che le avventure dei nostri ragazzi sono state talmente tante che alla fine non si riusciva a starci dietro. Sembra quasi una di quelle saghe che vanno di moda adesso, quelle divise in trilogie. E questa trilogia, iniziata dopo la prima vittoriosa giornata di campionato, like all trilogies that you respect, It is made of ascent, fall and rise.


EPISODE I - "intenibili"

Towards the end of December the team has organized a friendly match in Switzerland, in the stronghold of the UHC Sam Massagno, that plays in the fourth league. Convinced to win hands down, our Lugano friends have instead seen unfolding before their eyes a really intense match, full of actions in speed and deadly counterattacks.

the match, He played three times for twenty minutes, was marked by an evening of grace for David and Giorgio coaches the couple, to sign with respectively 3 e 4 goal. But the dances were joined by almost all players of the rose, starting from our pischelli Guglielmo, Marius e Francesco, up to the more experienced players, Fabio, Enrico e Togay, to get to the recent Swiss -just purchase - Brian. case performance for our goalkeepers Graffo and Reese, who alternated between spectacular saves and raises-assist.

The match ends 13-10 for our "flammable", demonstrating that the team really has a high potential. Followed fun "fourth time" to the pizzeria with opponents already become friends.


EPISODE II - the twilight of the gods.

In the second day of the championship, held on 22 January on the field (now held up as cursed) di Travedona Monate, Our protagonists are two opponents who are incredible comebacks.

In the first match, the derby against Voltures the QT8 Milan, rossoblu remain in front for the whole game, since taking on 7-4. After, inexplicably, lose concentration, and make refit until searing draw 7-7, with the ultimate goal grossed just 8 seconds remaining. Honor of their opponents arms, good to believe in it, and authors of some textbook actions.

Even in the second game Molotov manage to redeem himself. Start very well against the Wild Boars Varese, Milano took the lead 3-0 nimbly, and then being overwhelmed by opponents, which completely overturn the result and win 5-3, at the end of a game that could be called "agitated".

Our return home humiliated, but with the refusal to surrender, and find the key to success ...


EPISODE III - The rebirth

In the third day of the championship, organized just from FC Milano, the team, after working carefully last month, It takes off a lot of satisfaction.

In the first challenge of the day the Molotov cross slats with NGSR Sesto San Giovanni, co-coached by former Milan coach. Therefore air of derby, and since the first contrasts the match looks hot ...

…but needless to describe word for word the entire game. The round result 10-1 is clear.

The team, who played with 4 so to keep lines short exchange rates and high level of play, He did not discount and and went to sign with regularity, spreading then in final.
To scoring one of our young hopefuls U19, The excellent Francesco Simonetta, which has inflamed the audience with his goal scored just 4 seconds from the end of the meeting! (The boy also has a beautiful +13 in Plus / Minus, statistic that indicates the ability to defend well, the more its value is high).

The other marking by Giorgio Rambaldi (2 goals and 3 assist), Davide Cova (3 goals and 1 assist), Marius Andersson (3 goal ) e Brian Schamberger (1goal). The whole team but has played splendidly, giving in fact a single network to opponents.

Excellent performance in goal Accursio Graffeo, and vital the work of Henry Agostoni, who handled the crowded Milan bench to perfection, calling the changes and directing all of the lines in their rotations.

In the second match the same trios first game, ie Cova(D) – Triglia(D) – Rambaldi(A), He had been(D) – Schamberger(D) – Lepratto(A), Simonetta(D) – Andersson(D) – Zurlo(A) e Ozonaran(D) – Aielli(D) – Vieider(A). In defense of Mohamed Rhizwaan door, which is proving one match at a very high quality doors.

The Milan side with the same determination of the first match, absolutely necessary to deal with JRC Ispra, unlike that of going it is presented in full ranks, with so many great players in the squad.

But the first time is all rossoblu. After less than three minutes Francesco Simonetta marks solo with a powerful and accurate shot that pierces the goalkeeper. Five minutes later it's up to our supernorvegese Marius Andersson doubling. Then, almost at the end of the first period, the coach Giorgio Rambaldi thickens the spoils, assisted by assistant coach Davide Cova. (The series "Who knows how to do is ... and also teaches!” ^^)

At this point it seems that we can go to rest on 3-0, but instead Guglielmo Zurlo still has something to say. Our other athlete U19, an excellent performance, less than a minute interval insult the goalkeeper from behind the door and marks a great "wrap-around goal".

In the second period Ispra shows signs of life, tucking a beautiful goal thanks to Vitteck. Ready reaction of the Milan, he sees back to sign Francesco assisted by Marius, and that then port on 5-1. Another goal of Ispra, by the revived Alan Tieppo, and again prompt response of Molotov, with Guglielmo Zurlo marking of the passage of Simonetta.

Come this far, with only four and a half minutes to play, the epilogue of the match seems to have written. But the Floorball Club Milano is never stingy with emotions to his fans, and accomplices fatigue and pressing to put everything in place field by opponents, concede 3 goals in 3 minutes, make the score 6-5 with still a minute to play.

The time in these cases slows, The bench tension mounts, but at the end of the longest minute of the day, the siren sounds decreeing the victory of our, together with the admission mathematics into the playoffs in April, even with a game to spare.

Now the team is allowed a few days to celebrate the twelfth birthday of the company (founded the 22 February 2000 Lighthouse on the late smoky tables). But finished the festivities, we will be prepared immediately after the derby 18 March, that almost certainly decide the head of the group, together with the return game with Varese boars.

Do not miss these challenges, and stay with us ...Missing for a couple of months updates relating to the movements of Molotov.

The fact is that the adventures of our guys were so many that eventually you could not keep up. It was almost like one of those sagas that are fashionable now, divided into those trilogies. And this trilogy, which began after the first day of the championship victory, as all the trilogies, is made of the rise, fall and rise.

EPISODE I – The “unstoppables”

Towards the end of December the team has organized a friendly match in Switzerland, the home of Sam Massagno UHC, that plays in the 4th league. Convinced of winning hands down, our friends instead have seen unfolding playing really intense, full of action speed and deadly counterattacks.

The match, played on three periods for twenty minutes, was characterized by an evening of grace for the pair of coaches Davide Cova and Giorgio Rambaldi, who scored 3 and 4 goals respectively. But the dances were joined by almost all players of the roster, starting from our youngsters Guglielmo, Francesco and Marius, to the more experienced players such as Fabio, Henry and Togay, to get to our recent purchase Brian.

Great performance for our goalkeepers Graffo and Reese, who alternated between spectacular saves and throws-assist.

The match ended 13-10 for our “flammables”, demonstrating that the team has very high potential. A fun follow “fourth time” pizza with opponents already become friends.

EPISODE II – the twilight of the gods.

On the second day of the championship, held January 22 in the field (now held up as cursed) of Travedona Monate, the protagonists are two frightful opponents comebacks.

In the first match, the derby against QT8 Milano Voltures, the team remains ahead in the score for the whole game. After that, inexplicably, it loses concentration, until the burning draw 7-7, with the last goal taken with just 8 seconds left.

Even in the second game the Molotov can’t redeem. Started very well against the Wild Boars Varese, Milano goes to 3-0 with agility, and then be overwhelmed by their opponents, which completely reversed the score and win 5-3, at the end of a game that could be called “intense”.

The team come back home sad, but with the determination not to surrender, and to find the key to success …

EPISODE III – The Rebirth

On the third day of the championship, the team, after working hard in the last month, takes a lot of satisfaction.

In the first challenge of the day the Molotov cross sticks with NGSR Sesto San Giovanni, co-coached by former Milano coach.

It breathes so air derby, and since the first contrasts the match is hot …

…but needless to describe word for word the entire game. The result is clear: 10-1 victory.

The team, who played with 4 rows to keep changes short and level of play high, did great and scored regularly.

To scoring one of our promising young U19, the great Francesco Simonetta, who inflamed the public because he scored just 4 seconds from the end of the match! (The boy also has a stunning +13 Plus / Minus).

The other points are made by Giorgio Rambaldi (2 goals and 3 assists), Davide Cova (3 goals and 1 assist), Marius Andersson (3 goals) and Brian Schamberger (1goal).

The whole team played superbly, however, conceding just one goal to the opponents.

Excellent performance between the poles of Accursio Graffeo, and a great work of Enrico Agostoni, who managed the crowded bench to perfection, calling the changes and directing all the rows in their rotations.

In the second match same trios of the first game, or Cova (D) – Triglia (D) – Rambaldi (A), He had been (D) – Schamberger (D) – Lepratto (A), Simonetta (D) – Andersson (D) – Zurlo (A) and Ozonaran (D) – Aielli (D) -Vieider (A).

Rhizwaan Mohamed as goalkeeper. The guy is proving match after match he is a high quality goalie.

The Milano starts the match with the same determination of the first one, absolutely necessary to face JRC Ispra, which roster is filled with so many good players.

The first time, however, is all red and blue. After less than three minutes Francesco Simonetta scores solo with a powerful and precise shot that pierces the goalkeeper. Five minutes later our supernorvegian Marius Andersson scores too.

Then, almost at the end of the first period, head-coach Giorgio Rambaldi scores again, assisted by the assistant-coach David Cova. (From the series “Who knows how to do it does it… and also teaches it!” ^ ^)

At this point it seems that is possible to go to rest at 3-0, but instead Zurlo William has still something to say. Our U19 athlete, author of an excellent performance, less than one minute left to interval tricks the goalie from behind the door and marks a great “wrap-around goal.”

In the second period Ispra shows signs of life, putting a nice goal with Vitteck. Ready for the reaction of Milano, who sees the sign back of Francesco assisted by Marius, and then goes on 5-1.

Other goals for Ispra, and again quick answer Molotovs, with Guglielmo Zurlo scoring a pass of Simonetta.

Come thus far, with only four and a half minutes to play, the ending of the match seems to have written. But the Floorball Club Milano is never stingy with excitement for its fans, and accomplices fatigue and pressing set up by the opponents, allows three goals in three minutes, taking the result at 6-5 with a minute to play.

Time slows down in these cases, the voltage rises on the bench, but at the end of the longest minute of the day, the siren sounds decreeing the victory, along with the mathematics admission to the play-offs in April, with even a day earlier.

Now the team is allowed a few days to celebrate the twelfth anniversary of the Floorball Club Milano (founded February 22, 2000 on the tables of the smoky Lighthouse).

But after that, we will work immediately for the derby of 18th March, which will almost certainly decide the head of the group, along with the return match versus the boar of Varese.

So do not miss these challenges, and stay tuned…

What a treat!

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Data astrale 2011.12.19

Di ritorno dall’amichevole con i nostri alleati Svizzeri di Ligornetto.
E meno male che era un’amichevole!
Ce le hanno suonate di santa ragione!
Quasi tutte meritate: la ciurma è entrata in campo senza testa. Almeno durante la prima parte. Then, grazie al Maggiore Ozonaran, è tornata la concentrazione che meritiamo e abbiamo limitato i danni.

Soprattutto dalle sconfitte si imparano le lezioni più importanti: questo è il miglior regalo che i nostri amici Svizzeri potessero farci.

Ma la prossima volta… renderemo pane per focaccia!

Auguri, Svizzera!
Auguri, ciurma!Star date 2011.12.19

Coming back from a friendly match with our allies the Swiss from Ligornetto.
And thank goodness it was “friendly”!
We got a sound beating!
We almost deserved it: the crew came into the field without the right concentration. At least during the first part. Then, thanks to MG Ozonaran, the concentration we deserved came out and we limited the damages.

Often, the most important lessons come from defeats: this is the best gift that our Swiss friends could give us for Christmas!

But next time … we’ll give tit for tat!

Merry Christmas, Switzerland!
Merry Christmas, crew!

Booty full at the first Championship

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Un lungo articolo per aprire questa stagione di floorball, appena iniziata e già densa di soddisfazioni. Un lungo articolo per descrivere la lunga road map che ci ha portati dal 1° di settembre, giorno in cui sono cominciati gli allenamenti, al 4 dicembre, data della prima giornata di campionato.

Nel primo mese il team ha lavorato sodo con la preparazione atletica sul campo, mentre la dirigenza si è data da fare con la promozione atta ad ingrossare l’organico e dare nuova linfa alla squadra, dopo la potatura dei rami secchi. La creazione del nuovo gruppo è passata anche attraverso le divise nuove di zecca – che si possono ammirare nella photo-gallery – griffate, nuovo Sponsor principale dell’FC Milano.

Nel mese di ottobre è iniziato un denso ciclo di amichevoli, per saggiare i progressi fatti sia sul piano atletico che su quello tattico. Un percorso non facile, a partire dall’amichevole contro QT8 pareggiata 4-4 (ma dopo che si vinceva 4-0!), proseguita con il duro colpo dell’amichevole contro Ispra, persa malamente 8-4, per arrivare poi alle soddisfazioni nella doppia amichevole “internazionale” contro la SUM di Mendrisio, in cui si è raccolta la prima vera vittoria, 7-3 contro la squadra femminile, e una vittoria “morale”, l’incredibile pareggio 9-9 contro la forte squadra maschile.

A novembre è arrivato il primo trofeo della stagione nel torneo UISP Cup organizzato da Ispra. Un meritatissimo secondo posto – su ben 5 team – dietro solamente alla inarrivabile squadra “guest star” svizzera, ma davanti a praticamente tutte le squadre del nostre girone. (Cliccando qui si possono visualizzare i dettagli sul torneo).

E adesso, agli inizi di dicembre, proprio quando c’era da fare sul serio – come giustamente ha fatto notare il nostro Capitano nel suo Diario – la squadra non si è tirata indietro, ha dimostrato carattere, e ha portato a casa tutta la posta in palio, piazzandosi già in testa al girone, seppur appaiata ai QT8 Voltures.

Due partite difficili quelle della prima di campionato, la prima per l’oggettiva forza degli avversari, la seconda per la presenza di ex-giocatori milanesi, che davano sapore di derby al match.

Contro JRC Ispra gli allenatori Rambaldi e Cova optano per aprire le danze direttamente con tre linee: nella prima Ficara-Ozonaran-Rambaldi, nella seconda Cova-Triglia-Lepratto con Agostoni a supporto, e nella terza Vieider davanti e dietro a ruotare sulle due posizioni di difesa Rovamaa-Simonetta-Aielli. A difendere i pali il recente (ottimo) acquisto Accursio Graffeo. Assente il giovane Guglielmo Zurlo, infortunato ad una mano, a cui la squadra dedica le due vittorie.

Il match appare fin da subito teso, con le due squadre intente a studiarsi senza troppo concedere. A sbloccare il risultato sono purtroppo gli avversari all’ottavo minuto, con un tiro un po’ sporcato che beffa il portiere. I Molotov danno prova però, come già era accaduto l’anno scorso, che la mentalità adesso è cambiata, e finire sotto nel punteggio non spaventa più come una volta.

Infatti dopo nemmeno sessanta secondi Samuel Vieider (che si pronuncia Fiaider!) pareggia i conti. Assistito negli sviluppi di una punizione da Jukka Rovamaa (che si pronuncia Rovamà!), il numero 77 della squadra mette da posizione impossibile la pallina alle spalle del portiere, direttamente nel sette.

La squadra sa che il bottino si può ingrossare, e al quattordicesimo è compito di Giorgio Rambaldi regalare il vantaggio al Milano. Dopo aver portato pallina dalla difesa fino a centrocampo, l’ex-capitano si infila tra due avversari e con un potente wrist-shot sposta il risultato sul 2-1 in favore dei milanesi. Non pago di ciò, dopo appena tre minuti realizza la doppietta con una girata che non lascia scampo al portiere, ingannato anche dal velo di Alberto Ficara.

A meno di un minuto dall’intervallo pure lo storico giocatore rossoblu Davide Cova trova lo spazio per la sua prima rete stagionale, segnando al termine di una concitata azione nei pressi dello slot. La sua esultanza forse non rimarrà negli annali del floorball, ma la caparbietà con cui ha cercato il gol dimostra tutta la grinta che i Molotov ora hanno in corpo.

Nel secondo periodo la squadra si limita a gestire il risultato, vanificando tutti gli attacchi di Ispra. Il team riesce persino ad “ammazzare” un box play, sanzionato in seguito ai 2 minuti presi dal portiere Graffeo su un’uscita ai limiti del regolamento. The 2 Vs. 3 viene splendidamente gestito da Cova e dall’ottimo Matteo Aielli, il quale va persino vicino allo short-handed gol.

A soli 22 seconds remaining, quando i rossoblu stanno già mentalmente festeggiando, arriva il secondo gol di Ispra, nato da un’incomprensione difensiva. Il risultato finale però dice che la prima vittoria del campionato va al Floorball Club Milano Molotov, con il meritato score di 4-2.

Nel secondo match della giornata, quello contro il NSGR Sesto San Giovanni, stesse linee della prima partita, con il solo scambio di Enrico Agostoni sul Capitano Triglia, e l’avvicendamento tra i pali in favore del nuovo arrivato Mohamed Rhizwaan.

Dopo appena 45 secondi i Molotov si portano sull’1-0, grazie alla splendida rete segnata da Ficara su assist di Rambaldi. Dopo altri cinque minuti è il turno di Fabio Lepratto per gonfiare la rete avversaria, con un bel tiro di prima.

Giunti a questo punto però la partita prende una piega inaspettata. Il Sesto si riorganizza e si chiude a riccio, sfruttando le ripartenze per i suoi attacchi, mentre il Milano “impazzisce”, e preso dalla febbre del gol inizia a giocare in maniera disordinata e rischiosa. Solo l’estremo difensore rossoblu riesce ad evitare il peggio. All’intervallo il coach riesce a calmare gli spiriti (compreso il suo), e restituisce il team al suo gioco originale, che alterna azioni corali ad exploit personali.

Le palle gol si moltiplicano esponenzialmente, e in questa seconda frazione di gioco solo la sfortuna ha negato altre reti ai Molotov. L’ottimo Agostoni colpisce in due turni consecutivi prima il palo e poi la traversa. Nella stessa azione Rambaldi e Ficara impattano il palo una volta a testa, come pure succede a Triglia. Francesco Simonetta e Togay Ozonaran sfiorano anch’essi il gol con due tiri fuori di pochi centimetri e a portiere già battuto. in short, senza nulla voler togliere all’ottima partita giocata dal Sesto, anche questa vittoria con il punteggio finale di 2-0 è più che meritata, e i sei punti portati a casa sono il giusto premio per l’ottimo lavoro svolto dal gruppo fino ad adesso, dimostrando che il tasso tecnico della squadra è tutt’altro che imploso.


Ora il prossimo appuntamento è il 22 gennaio con il derby milanese e la sfida con i cinghiali varesotti. Stay tuned…

A long article to open this floorball season, just begun and already full of satisfactions. A long article to describe the long road map that led us from the 1st of September, the day we started training, at the December 4th, when the first day of the championship took place.

In the first month the team has worked hard with the athletic, while the president has been busy with the promotion likely to give new life to the team, after the pruning of dead branches. The creation of the new group is also passed through the brand-new jerseys – that can be seen in the photo-gallery – by, new main sponsor of FC Milano.

In the month of October started a dense series of friendly matches, to test the progress made both in terms of athletic and tactics. A not easy path, starting from the 4-4 draw versus QT8 Voltures (but after we were winning 4-0!). then the hard blow for the friendly against Ispra, lost badly 8-4, and finally the satisfactions in the double “international” friendly match versus the swiss SUM of Mendrisio, where it is collected the first real victory, 7-3 versus the women’s team, and a “moral” victory with the incredible 9-9 draw versus the strong men’s team.

In November came the first trophy of the season in the tournament UISP Floorball Cup organized by Ispra. A well deserved second place – on 5 teams – behind only the “guest star” swiss team, but in front of all the teams of our championship group. (Clicking here you can view details about the tournament).

And now, in early December, just when there was to get serious – as rightly pointed out the Captain in his log – the team has not pulled back, showed to be full charged, and took home all 6 points, placing already at the top, although with QT8 Voltures.

two hard matches at the beginning of the season. The first for the strength of the opponents, the second for the presence of ex-FC Milano players, who gave the taste of derby to the match.

Against JRC Ispra coaches Rambaldi and Cova opt to open the dance with three lines: the first Ficara-Ozonaran-Rambaldi, the second Cova-Triglia-Lepratto with the support of Agostoni, and third Rovamaa-Simonetta/Aielli-Vieider. defending the net the latest (good) purchase Accursio Graffeo. Absent the young Guglielmo Zurlo, hand injured, which the team dedicated the two victories.

The match is immediately tense, with the two teams studying each other. To unlock the result is unfortunately the opponents with little “dirty” shot that tricks the goalkeeper. The Molotov demonstrate, however, as had happened last year, that the mentality has changed now, and get under in the score is not frightening as it once was.

In fact, even sixty seconds after Samuel Vieider (pronounced Phaaider!) scores. Assisted in the development of a free shot by Jukka Rovamaa (pronounced Rovamà!), The # 77 team puts the ball from an impossible position behind the goalkeeper.

The team knows that you can win, and it is Giorgio Rambaldi to score the advantage goal at the 14th minute. After bringing up the ball from defense to midfield, former captain slipped between two opponents with a powerful wrist-shot, moving the score on 2-1 in favor of the Molotov. Still not satisfied, after just three minutes the same Rambaldi scores with a wrist-shot that does not give a chance to the goalkeeper, also tricked by the veil of Alberto Ficara.

Less than one minute to the break also the historical player Davide Cova finds room for his first goal of the season, marking the end of a frantic action near the slot. His celebration might not remain in the annals of floorball, but the persistence with which he has sought the goal demonstrates the determination that the Molotovs now have in their bodies.

In the second period the team just handles the score, thwarting all attacks in Ispra. The team even managed to “kill” a box-play, sanctioned as a result of 2 minutes penalty taken by the goalkeeper Graffeo. The 2 Vs 3 is beautifully managed by Cova and outstanding Matteo Aielli, who is even close to score the short-handed goal.

Just 22 seconds from the end, when the Milano team is already mentally celebrating, Ispra scores the second goal. The final score, however, says that the first win of the championship goes to Floorball Club Milano Molotov, with a well-deserved 4-2.

In the second match of the day, versus NSGR Sesto San Giovanni, same lines, with only the exchange of Enrico Agostoni on Demetrio Triglia, and the change in goalkeeping in favor of the newcomer Mohamed Rhizwaan.

After just 45 seconds Molotovs score 1-0, thanks to the wonderful ficara goal on an assistet by Rambaldi. After five minutes it’s the turn of Fabio Lepratto to get the 2-0, with a nice shot on goal.

At this point, however, the game takes an unexpected turn. NSGR Sesto San giovanni reorganizes, while Milan o gets the “goal fever” going crazy, starting to play in a disorderly and dangerous way. Only the goalkeeper manages to avoid the worst. At the half the coach is able to calm down the spirits (including his own), and the team returns to his original game.

The scoring chanches multiply exponentially, and in this second period only bad luck has denied other goals to Molotovs. The excellent Agostoni hits two consecutive poles. In the same action Rambaldi and Ficara impacting the pole once each, as well as going to Triglia. Francesco Simonetta and Togay Ozonaran also go close to the goal, with two shots out just a few inches and goalkeeper already beaten. In short, nothing you want to remove the excellent game played by the Sesto San Giovanni, even this victory with the final score of 2-0 is more than deserved, and the six points taken home the prize for the excellent work done by the group up to now, proving that the rate of technical team is far from imploding.

Now the next appointment is January 22 with the Milano derby and the match versus Wild Boars Varese. Stay tuned …

Un buon inizio!

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Data astrale 2011.12.04

E’ stata dura, ma alla fine abbiamo portato a casa la pellaccia in entrambi gli scontri.
Possiamo dire: missione compiuta!

La truppa è cresciuta rispetto alle ultime esercitazioni amichevoli, soprattutto nell’acquisizione di una mentalità sempre più vincente.
Oggi è stato tenuto il sangue freddo anche dopo una prima difficoltà iniziale, senza farsi intimorire dagli avversari.

Anche le giovani reclute si sono fatte onore, senza timore.
Più che bene.

Con lo secondo scontro, più delicato sia per la maggior stanchezza, sia per la determinazione degli avversari, è stato mantenuto un discreto assetto.
Da migliorare.

Una bella sfida per il buon primo ufficiale, Gen. Rambaldi, che dovrà guidare, sempre meglio, una squadra che incontro dopo incontro dimostra di voler essere sempre più all’altezza della città che rappresenta.

E il Capitano, direte voi?
Perlomeno è simpatico, rispondo io!Star date 2011.12.04

It ‘was tough, but we finally got it in both fights.
We can say: mission accomplished!

The troop has grown over the last friendly matches, especially in the acquisition of a more winning mentality.
Today it has been kept a cool head even after a first initial difficulty, without being intimidated by their opponents.

Even the young recruits have done honor, without fear.
More than good.

With the second battle it was even harder, due to the tiredness and to the determination of opponents, we kept a discreet structure.
To improve.

It is a nice challenge for our good first officer, Gen. Rambaldi, who must drive, always better, a team that meeting after meeting shows it wants to be to be up to the city it represents.

And the Captain, you say?
At least he’s cute, I say!

E ora è guerra!

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Data astrale 2011.12.02

E’ finita l’era delle buone maniere.
E’ finito il tempo delle strette di mano.
Ora si fa sul serio.
Siamo alla resa dei conti.

Da domenica le missioni non saranno semplici esercitazioni, ma ogni azione, ogni respiro dovrà servire a fare punti.
E vedremo quali risultati ci porterà il lavoro svolto in questi mesi.
Sul campo di battaglia voglio gli occhi della tigre.
Successi ed errori dovranno essere affrontati allo stesso modo: da uomini. Da guerrieri!

Accipicchia!Star date 2011.12.02

The era of good manners is over.
the time of handshakes is over.
Now things get serious.
We are at the showdown.

From Sunday, missions wonn’t be simple exercises, but every action, every breath must be used to make points.
And we’ll see what results will bring the work undertaken in recent months.
On the battlefield, I want the eyes of the tiger!
Successes and failures have to be dealt in the same way: as men. As warriors!



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Data astrale 2001.11.20

Devo dire che non me l’aspettavo.
Ieri, la nostra truppa ha avuto proprio una bella soddisfazione, nella nostra prima missione ufficiale: la Prima UISP Floorball Cup.

Le squadre partecipanti oltre a noi: JRC Ispra, UHC Varese, NSGR Sesto San Giovanni e la ticinese e la temibile Sam Massagno.

Il risultato? Un bel secondo posto, dietro agli imbattibili svizzeri.

Che dire? Bello!
Quattro incontri brevi in un solo pomeriggio. Una sconfitta, un pareggio e due vittorie.
Se a questo aggiungiamo che ha segnato annche il buon ltn. Agostoni, il riscontro può definirsi più che positivo.

E, chissà, se avessimo avuto anche il Col. Rovamaa e il Pv. Zurlo, nostri preziosi elementi, cosa sarebbe successo…

Al campionato l’ardua sentenza!

Clicca qui per la locandina del torneo.Star date 2011.11.20

I must say that I did not expect.
Yesterday, our troop had just a great satisfaction in our first official duty: First UISP Floorball Cup

The participating teams than us: JRC Ispra, Varese UHC, NSGR Sesto San Giovanni and the region and the redoubtable Sam Massagno.

The result? A good second place, behind the unbeatable Swiss team.

Click here for the poster of the tournament.

What can I say? Beautiful!
Four brief matches for each team in a single afternoon. A defeat, a draw and two wins.
Add to this that scored also our good LTN. Agostoni, the response can be defined as more than positive.

And I wonder, if we also had Col. Rovamaa and Pv. Zurlo, our precious items, what would had happened…

The championship will judge!

Sfilata di amichevoli e batoste

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Data astrale 2011.11.14

Tour de force in preparazione alle sfide ufficiali. Tre amichevoli in 6 giorni: questo è un bel ritmo.
Il resoconto? Curiosità da femminucce, quello che conta è stato il sudore lasciato sul campo.
Sì, lo so, è mio compito fare rapporto.

La prima amichevole, l’8 novembre, con Jrc Ispra si è conclusa con un vergognoso 12 o 13 a non so cosa.
Vorrei stendere un velo pietoso, ma le sconfitte, soprattutto se sonore possono portare grossi insegnamenti.
Cosa che è avvenuta: abbiamo imparato a perdere sonoramente!

Dopo aver sistemato meglio le linee di attacco e difesa, abbiamo avuto la nostra prima trasferta internazionale, dai cugini svizzeri.
Bella gente. Gli svizzeri.
Belle le partite giocate.
La prima contro una squadra di fanciulle. Batostate come meritavano!
So che non è un atteggiamento da gentiluomini, ma, possiamo dire, che le abbiamo “batostate” con gentilezza.

La seconda partita svizzera è terminata con un pareggio.
Per forza, eravano stanchi, a causa della “gentilezza” della prima partita.

A parte queste rozze soddisfazioni, ci sono stati buoni segnali da tutta la squadra, che ha ritrovato il suo equilibrio, dopo la brutta esperienza di Ispra.
Ottimo!Star date 2011.11.14

Tour de Force in preparation for the official challenges. Three friendly matches in 6 days: this is a good rhythm.
The report? Sissy curiosity, what matters is the sweat left on the field.
Yes, I know, it’s my job to report!

The first friendly match, on 8 November, with JRC Ispra ended with a shameful 12 or 13 to something.
I would like to draw a veil, but the defeats, especially if disastrous, can bring big teachings.
Thing that happened: we have learned to lose soundly!

After setting up better lines of attack and defense, we had our first international match against Swiss cousins​​.
Beautiful people. Swiss people.
Fine games played.
The first against a team of girls. Setback as they deserved!
I know that is not an attitude like gentlemen, but we can say that we “blow” with kindness.

The second Swiss game ended in a draw.
Of course, you were tired, because of the “kindness” of the first game.

Apart from these crude satisfactions, there were good signs from the whole team, which has regained its equilibrium, after the bad experience of Ispra.

Amichevoli un corno!

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Data astrale 2011.10.26

In vista dell’inizio delle competizioni vere e proprie, stiamo mettendo a punto la squadra con una serie di amichevoli.
Così le chiamano.
Ritengo che il dovere di ogni buon membro della truppa sia quello di considerare ogni amichevole come l’occasione per mettere alla prova le proprie capacità al 100%. Senza risparmiarsi. Altro che amici!
Solo così, si potrà essere pronti per affrontare gli avversari al momento opportuno.

Sono contento che questo atteggiamento stia prendendo piede anche durante le esercitazioni. Ogni partitella interna diventa sempre più combattuta.
Bravi, ragazzi!
Gli avversari non ci risparmieranno e noi saremo pronti!Star date 2011.10.26

In view of the start of real competition, we are training the team with a series of friendly matches.
So they are called!
I think the duty of every good member of the troop is to treat each match as an opportunity to test his own skills at 100%. Without sparing. Get dammned the friendlies!
Only in this way, you will be ready to face opponents at the appropriate time.

I’m glad that this attitude is gaining ground during the exercises. Each match during the worksout becomes increasingly fought.
Well done, guys!
The opponents did not spare us and we will be ready!

L’equipaggio cresce, l’equipaggiamento anche!

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Data astrale 2011.10.04

A volte la plastica batte l’uomo.
I nostri nuovi portieri cyborg ne sono la dimostrazione.

Tutte le abilità del nostro buon ltn. Accursio, detto “Il Graffo”, nulla possono contro la velocità di reazione e la precisione di intervento dei nuovi “substitute-goalie”, modello S115X160, entrati a far parte da qualche giorno del nostro equipaggiamento.

Alcuni membri della truppa hanno il coraggio di lamentarsi della difficoltà nel cercare di battere il nuovo cyborg. Capiranno che le difficoltà maggiori nell’allenamento porteranno benefici in battaglia.

Il modello S115X160, sostituisce il vecchio modello str4cc10, che non è paragonabile al nuovo.
Né nelle specifiche tecniche, né nel rapporto velocità/efficienza.

Ah, la tecnologia…!

Per i curiosi, la foto dei nuovi cyborg non è quella che vedete nella pagina, ma quella a questo link.Star date 2011.10.04

Sometimes plastic beat man.
Our new cyborg goalkeepers are the proof.

All the skills of our good LTN. Accursio, called “The Graffo,” nothing can be against the reaction speed and precision of action of the new “substitute-goalie”, S115X160 model, addet to our equipment just a few days ago.

Some members of the troop have the courage to complain of the difficulty in trying to beat the new cyborg. They will understand that the greatest difficulties in training will benefit in battle.

The model “S115X160” replaces the old model “str4cc10” , which is not comparable to the new one.
Neither the technical specifications, nor in speed/efficiency.

Ah, technology …!

For the curious, the photo of the new cyborg is not what you see on the page, but that at this link.

Che leoni!

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Data astrale 2011.09.26

Sono soddisfatto. L’equipaggio sta rispondendo bene all’addestramento.
Sono certo che alla prima occasione sapranno dimostrare il loro valore.
Sono soddisfatto anche per i primi esperimenti di “tecniche avanzate” proposte dal Mr. Con la costanza, impareremo a gestire con facilità le situazioni più difficili e a venirne fuori in modo spettacolare.
Come il nostro mestiere ci richiede.

Anche i giovani stanno dimostrando la grinta giusta.
Bravi ragazzi!
Gli avversari li voglio mangiare a colazione.
Con un caffè lungo, per favore!Star date 2011.09.26

I’m satisfied. The crew is responding well to training.
I am sure that at the first opportunity they will prove their worth.
I am satisfied also for the first experiments in “advanced technics” proposed by the Coach. With perseverance, we will learn to easily handle the most difficult situations and come out in a spectacular way.
As our business requires.

Even young people are showing the right determination.
Well done guys!

I want want to eat opponents for breakfast.
With a coffee, please!